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My Family


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach Day

I have been wanting to do a beach photo shoot day.  I lined up three families for pictures and penciled out the day in San Francisco at China Beach. The day was chilly and as the day went on the fog rolled in.  This chilly weather didn't stop these families from wearing bathing suits, shorts, short sleeves, and from kicking off their shoes. I was cozy in my winter parka and jeans happily snapping pictures of these adorable families.  I have known all three of these families for a long time so it makes taking pictures so fun.  We all had a blast!


I am so thankful for families that want to capture memories in their life.  Makes my heart happy. Thanks for a great day everyone!


Melissa said...

Ahhh!!! I LOVE them Michelle!!!!! SO FUN!!!! Can't wait for the next shoot!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

super!! thanks Michelle

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