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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tooth Fairy is Coming Tonight

Tonight while playing in her room with the boys Makenna knocked her teeth into Weston's forehead.  Upon seeing her pushed back tooth, I knew we had to take a trip to the dentist.  Our dentist was out of the office, so off to another dentist we went. 
The dentist took an x-ray to see if the tooth had any roots.

The x-ray showed no root so she decided she would pull it.

They numbed the area and waited for it to take effect. She was so brave even though she was crying. After examining the other front tooth the dentist decided to pull the other one too which was more painful to take out.  Many more tears followed that extraction.  

Some gauze for the ride home. 

Upon arriving home and seeing her new smile she was ecstatic and all of a sudden became giddy knowing the tooth fairy would be coming!  When she turned five back in February she wished for her tooth to fall out so that the tooth fairy would come!  She has been asking for months, "When is my wish going to come true?"

Poor Weston's forehead that her teeth hit.

I love her new smile and so does she.  After looking at her x-ray the dentist said she was about six months from losing these teeth.  We are just a little ahead of schedule.  :)

She immediately had to write a little note to the tooth fairy.

We folded up her note and tucked it inside her tooth fairy pillow along with her two teeth.   

I am glad the evening ended with smiles and excitement for the morning on what is left in the pocket of her tooth fairy pillow.  Hopefully though, all other teeth will fall out naturally.  :)


Melissa L said...

Oh poor thing! I know how that extraction goes as we just went through it with Mia. Those darn tooth tramas!!! Where on earth did you get that ADORABLE tooth fairy pillow??? SO cute!! I love her new smile and her letter! Too cute!!!!

michelle said...

Here is the tooth fairy pillow! Landon has a boy one! They love it! Bought them for their fifth birthday!

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