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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wall Redo Complete + Other Fun Things

So before summer started I put a wall redo challenge out there to friends.  Picks a few walls in your house and redo them.  Complete before summer. 
 I chose three walls in our home.  A wall in our room near our bathroom, dining room, and kids bathroom. 
 So for the kids bathroom I kept it simple.  I bought different towels and chose a different picture for the frame box.  I love the new picture.  All of my kids sweet legs and toes.  :) For the wall in our room/bathroom I took down our daily agenda (put a different smaller agenda board behind my closet door) and put up two pictures from our vintage shoot in April + a letter R.  I love it. 
In our dining room we put up a shelf, added some fun knick knacks, chalk board, and a bench from my Grandparents house.  The knick knacks are fun.  A California subway art, matchbooks from my Grandmother's collection through the years, clock, initials, a letter R (yes I am obsessed with initials), a fun Eat sign  and two free printables.  Love it!  I ended up spray painting a bunch of picture frames I already had gray so they would all match.  I really love the end results! 
Dining Room 

This is the picture I took a few months back and put into the frame box. Love it.

This wasn't part of the wall redo but I had to share this amazing frame I bought from Delta Girl.  Love it!  It is also in the kids bathroom and it is just fun! I still need pictures for it but had to display it.  Check out her fun Etsy shop!

Summer is almost over and I can't wait for Fall. My favorite season hands down. 

I had fun making a wreath today inspired by a blog off Pinterest.  Yes, it is only September 2nd, but I couldn't resist putting a fall wreath up. I so love it and it was simple to make. 


Making changes are fun.  How did your wall redos come along?


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