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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Samaritan's Purse

The twins are getting to a great age to have deeper conversations with.  They have just started asking great questions about the two kids we sponsor in other countries.  Adrian and Noeline's pictures are up in our kitchen and the kids love talking about them. They are curious about others who aren't as fortunate as us.
A great opportunity came up at Church/Heart to Heart and I knew that the twins would love to do it.  It is called Operation Christmas Child. You fill a shoebox size tub full of gifts for a certain age group and gender and it gets shipped off to another country for a child less fortunate.  I took the twins to the Dollar Store where they each filled a shoebox full of items that they thought a friend in another country would smile aboutMakenna chose fun items for a girl her age, and Landon chose cool things for a boy his age.
I went online and paid $7 for the shipment of each shoebox.  Paying shipping online allows us to follow our shoebox when it ships and to see where it gets sent to.  The kids are just starting to understand that people live in other places other than California. 
Tomorrow we are going to include a little note to the two kids who will receive these shoe boxes. Maybe the kids will write back to Landon and Makenna. 

It isn't too late to fill a shoebox for a child! :) Make a little one smile! 


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