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My Family


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Family Photoshoot

Yes, we just had family photos taken in April. It is November.  We were due for another set and I wanted pictures for Christmas cards :)
I truly LOVE planning for a photo shoot! A blog collaboration (between myself and our photographer) about styling for a photo shoot is in the works. Stay tuned!  I love figuring out where we are going to take the photos + what we are all going to wear.  It might take me a good month to figure it all out, but I do love it. 

We are in love with the sweet towns of Locke and Walnut Grove by the Delta.  I knew the photos had to be taken there and we needed to be drinking hot chocolate in one of the pictures. 

This gem of a vintage fire truck was waiting on the side of the road for us.  How perfect is that? Love the looks on all three of my children's faces. SO them!


Look at my big girl missing three teeth.

The kids seeing that Daddy is bringing the hot chocolate. 

This image was my dream inspiration.  Us drinking hot chocolate in the fall. 

I don't do my makeup well. It is a fact.  So because of this I searched for a makeup artist via Craigslist a year ago and found Sabrina.  She did my makeup for our Rock the Dress photo shoot last year, and has done my makeup ever since. She is the best! 
My friend, Lucy who is a Stella & Dot Stylist styled me her gorgeous Stella and Dot necklace, earrings, and bracelet.  I had to show off my Stella and Dot gold flower ring that I already had.  Lucy is awesome and Stella and Dot jewelry is just beautiful! 


These photos are just what I hoped for and I can't wait to hang them up! Thanks to our amazing photographer, Jessica Bowers, who made this happen!


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