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My Family


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Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Last year I started a Christmas Countdown that hangs in our kitchen. Each morning we open an envelope that says an activity we are going to do for the day.  The kids love it. Right up there with Elf on the Shelf.
The other day it was make gingerbread houses and today it was make hot cocoa.  What I love about the Countdown to Christmas is it reminds me of the fun little things to do in December and to be intentional. Very easy to let the days slip away of one of my favorite month without doing all the things we love to do. 
Just a little side note to not buy a Homegood gingerbread house.  Not good. Hard to assemble and not enough frosting!   Stick with Trader Joes!

My boy loves hot cocoa as much as me.


I decided to try out some heart-shape bokeh this afternoon.  What fun! You can find the how to here .  Look at those pretty little hearts.  I want to try out some other shapes.  Another day.

Hope your few days into December have been merry and bright.


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