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My Family


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Four Years Old

My littlest is turning four on December 26th.  Our little Christmas present that was due on December 25th but decided to wait until the next day (thank goodness).  I love our tradition of having a special photo shoot for just the birthday child.  If anyone knows Weston they know he doesn't like the camera. Getting him to smile at the camera is a chore.  He was excited about this photo shoot but I knew I had to be quick.  It lasted a total of 10 minutes and then he was done. After he had eaten  his cake pop and looked at a few things thorough his binoculars he said, "Let's go home now mama." (In all fairness he did have to go the bathroom) All I wanted was one good shot to show off his cute smile cause it is pretty cute when he smiles at the camera.
Mission accomplished.

I love you Weston James. I keep telling you to stop growing but you just won't listen. 


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