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My Family


Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle and am a mother and a photographer. You will see pictures of my amazing clients here, as well as my children. Grab something hot or cold to drink and take a look around!
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Lifestyle Shoot

I love lifestyle photography.  What is lifestyle photography?  I came across this definition and I love it.  Capturing every day things and life as it goes; but in an artistic manner.
We had our own lifestyle shoot at our home and it was so fun!  We baked cookies together, snuggled on the couch, and enjoyed some tickling and laughing on our bed. I will cherish these pictures forever. 

I will look back at this picture one day with such fondness. Reminder how much my two boys loved their "fo-hawks", Weston's sneaky smile, Makenna's missing teeth and her newly pierced ears, Landon's crooked new adult teeth, our bedroom, and the necklace Makenna is wearing and was so proud of since she made it. I hope I can always hear the laughter that was going on when this picture was taken.
So thankful for our photographer, Jessica Bowers, who helped us capture these memories. 
I am excited for upcoming lifestyle shoots with my clients.  True images to cherish forever.


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