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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cavarez Family

This afternoon I had an Olivia Act Photoshoot.  I received this email about the Cazarez Family.  
The Cazarez family has 5 beautiful children (inside and out) Amaya (5th grade), Carissa (4th grade) Alyssa and Cayla (Twins 3rd grade) and Cain (kinder). I have had Amaya and Carissa in my class and currently have the twins, Alyssa and Cayla. The children are amazing individuals. They work so hard in school and are SO thoughtful and kind to each person they come across. They are truly a model student and amazing children.
Amelia and Cain are the parents. Cain owns/runs a carpet company and Amelia is a stay at home mom. She works in ALL of the kids' classroom EVERY week as well as helps in the office, with school functions, and on picture day (to just name a few) She is an amazing woman!! They have ALL 5 in elementary school right now, paying for field trips for all 5.
I was moved and chose them along with another family for the Olivia Act. 
We met in Lodi and braved the chilly temperatures.  They were full of smiles and so great to work with. They made having five kids look like a breeze! 
Thanks for the smiles!


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