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My Family


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today was a good Tuesday. The twins turned six.  They took cupcakes to school to share with friends.  After school we went Toys R Us to spend their gift cards from their birthday party.

Makenna had ballet where they danced around her singing Happy Birthday. She loved it. 

Strawberry cupcakes with blue icing.  White chocolate chips on top.  Kid inspired birthday treat.
Happy Birthday Landon and Makenna!

Colby is Six Months

Sweet Colby is another one of my grow me with babies.
Here he is at three months. 
Now six months.  I love how his hair is growing in. 

Die hard Giants Fan.

Keri is a great mom. She is doing an amazing job juggling it all.

Give me a hug mama.

See you in three months Colby!

Olivia Act Photoshoot~ Miss Chloe

I had my second Olivia Act photoshoot over the weekend. What a blessing it was to me. 
I just love the message I received for this family's nomination a few months back. 
You have probably read about the Herrington Family on my blog. They have six children, 5 biological and 1 adopted. They had four children and were done when along came Miss Chloe Bea. When she was born they discovered that Chloe came with her own extra surprise, an extra 21st chromosome. She has down syndrome and her parents quickly realized they were given a gift from God. Not even a year after Chloe was born they decided to add one more princess to their family but this little one was already born. She was just waiting in an orphanage on the other side of the world. This past spring the Herrington's went to Ukraine to bring home Olivia who also sports that extra 21st chromosome. While in Ukraine Chloe ended up in the hospital with some concerning lab work. A parents worst nightmare, to be stuck half way around the world and have your baby admitted to the hospital. It wasn't long after they got home from Ukraine that they found out that Chloe had leukemia. She has spent almost the entire fall stuck at Kaiser while receiving treatment. But don't worry this hasn't slowed this little girl down. She continues to charm the pants off everyone she meets!
This family has shown us what family is truly about. They accepted God's plan for their little Chloe when she was born, rescued an "unwanted" child, and then once bringing home their daughter to a family had to be split apart once again while their daughter fights for her life. I would love for you to capture the love that this family has. If only we could all love just a little more like them.
I wasn't sure when we would be able to do this shoot due to Chloe being in the hospital. Due to an infection though, Chloe was sent home to clear it up allowing us to have our photoshoot.  I am happy to report that this sweet girl has one more round of treatment at the beginning of March and then she is done.  Amazing. 
Meet Chloe. She loved my camera.  What a doll. 

Two and a half years old and already a fighter. 

Look at this gorgeous family. 

Beth is quite an amazing strong mama. 

Sweet Daddy hug. So much love.

Chloe has the duck face down.

Just a loving sisterly squeeze.

I loved our morning together.  I can't wait to hear when she is all done with her treatments and home for good.  What an amazing day that will be.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Safetyville 6th Birthday Party

Planning a boy/girl party is tough!  Luckily I was able to settle on a bike themed party thanks to Pinterest and an adorable little mini town we have in Sacramento called Safetyville.  I convinced Makenna that we would have all the girls bring their bikes and their dolls along for the party. She loved that idea.  My little girlie girl. 
I love details.

Love these plastic milk bottles.  I punched out the boy and girl on their invite and tied it around with some twine. 

Water and snacks for the thirsty and hungry bikers. 

Pink lemonade for the girls and yellow lemonade for the boys.  

The weather was just so great.  A tad windy but I was so thankful that it wasn't raining. 

Landon convinced me that he needed to bring his Halloween police shirt since he was going to Safetyville. 

The twins cake was amazing. My friend Shannon is so talented!  The cake tasted as good as it looked! 

Seeing my kids face as their friends sang them Happy Birthday was priceless

Little muslin bike bags filled with Skittles. The "S" standing for six.  :)
The twins said it was their best birthday party ever.  Loved hearing that. 
We didn't open presents at the party and waited until we got home to have the unwrapping frenzy. They had a blast opening up all of their gifts from all of their favorite friends. 
Such a great day. :)
Thanks to all the fab people below who helped with the details:
Makenna's hair bow:  Happy BOWtique
Makenna's necklace: Fancy Em's Boutique
Makenna and Landon's outfits:  Laken and Lila
Birthday Cake: Shannon's Custom Cakes
Milk Bottles:  Happy Wish Company
Invite and Striped Straws: Studio G
Water Bottle labels:  Product 80
Muslin Bike Bags: PaperMoonByKat