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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Week Until They are Six

My twins will be six on next Tuesday. I really can't believe it. Six years old just seems so big. No longer five, and in the middle of Kindergarten learning so much.
I was looking forward to their birthday shoot and knew I wanted it to involve BIG balloons.  I found big ole balloons at Party City and paid an arm and a leg for them but I really loved how big and fun they were.

When I think back to this time six years ago, a week before I delivered, I was hugely pregnant and so anxious to meet my boy and girl. Landon Neil and Makenna Leigh.  I was almost 38 weeks pregnant and hoping that the 55 pounds I had gained would be a large part of baby weight.  (thankfully it was!  Landon: 7lbs 3 oz, Makenna: 6lbs. 10 oz)

These two are happy.  They love Kindergarten. They love life.
(this little kitty ran across the street and chased the string of the balloon. the whole photoshoot)

I hate to admit it but I did have certain ideas for how this shoot would go.  The wind, the cat chasing the balloon string, and the excitement of the big balloons trying to fly away, threw all my ideas out the window. 
I am glad though.  The image below is perfect and I wouldn't have been able to orchestrate it if I tried.  Snapping pics of your kids in the moment sometimes is just the best.

These two are a great twin match. :)  They love to play together but give each other space.  I hope they never have to spend a birthday without the other one. 

I can't wait to celebrate your birthday at your Bike Themed Birthday party this weekend.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.  :)

Mama loves you.   My sweet sweet gifts from above when I had given up hope.


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