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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sprinkle for G3

Today was a fun day throwing a friend a baby shower for her baby due next month. They aren't finding out what they are having so it makes his/her arrival even more exciting. 
We threw her a sprinkle and had fun with polka dots, glitter, and all colors of the rainbow. 

 Look at this fab cake.  Tasted as good as it looked. 

We had all the guests write on their clouds what they thought Sharlene was having and when they think she will deliver.  After baby's arrival I will pick a cloud (from the correct gender pile) and mail that person a prize!  :)

I couldn't resist this fun orange dress from Target. Check out their jewelry section too. Quite irresistible.   

My sweet girl was so excited to come and have fun at the party.  She was quite the little helper. 

What would I do without Pinterest inspiration!?

Yummy lemon drop candies were insdie these bags for favors.

Girls busy at work. 

We played a celebrity baby name game. 
How fast can you diaper a baby blindfolded?

 Look at those fab press-on nails!
Awesome day celebrating Sharlene and baby on the way!  Can't wait to meet him/her!

So thankful for my fabulous helpers for this shower!  Many hands make light work!
(photo credit:  Makenna)


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