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My Family


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Monday, March 25, 2013

Kindergarten Zoo and Gymnastics

For the last 25 years Elk Grove Elementary has done a Kindergarten Circus.  It is amazing.  The kids are assigned a part and they practice altogether for four weeks. 
My two sweet kiddos had a ball preparing for this show.  Landon was a tiger and Makenna was the lion and tiger tamer.  The costumes and makeup were fantastic. 

I just love that Makenna pulled Landon in the wagon.

I was so impressed with all of their acts! They knew them so well and no one was even directing them in front!  Incredible for five and six year olds!

Such a great show!

Makenna started a six week gymnastics class that she LOVES!  She has been asking to do gymnastics forever, so I figured it was time.


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