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My Family


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Four and a Half

Weston turned four a half today.  I knew we wouldn't have a party because we went to Legoland last week.  There was no way though that Weston would let us forget today was his day. We went and saw The Smurfs with friends and then decided on picking up sandwiches to eat at a park in Folsom.  While in Raley's we decided to get a big ole cake along with candles, napkins, plates, and a lighter.  It was perfect. No need to worry about this boy feeling sad about having a December birthday.
We ran out of time today but tomorrow he will be able to pick out one big toy at Toys R Us.  He is excited. 

The kids had a blast letting boats float down the little river at the park. Highlight of the day! 

Fun day!


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