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My Family


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Tulloch

Yeah for the first trip of summer.  We planned this trip with friends a several months back and I have been looking forward to it ever since.  We rented a house on Lake Tulloch for four days and had a ball.  The weather was hot but made swimming and boating even that more enjoyable.  It was my three kids first time for tubing behind the boat and they loved it!  Trips are getting so much easier now that they are getting bigger. 

Stef, me, and Jen.

Always glad when another person has their camera along. :) Thanks Stef!

The view from our beach was incredible! 

The awesome house we rented. Could not have asked for a more perfect house. Such a great location.

Cheers to a great weekend!

Homemade ice cream!

The crew (minus Stef!)

Getting some time behind the boat in.

My loves.

So fun! She loved it on the tube!

Landon lost his second top tooth the first morning at breakfast!

Hunter, Jeff, Stefani, and Grayson.

Jen, Matt, and Gracie.

Ended the weekend with some awesome ice cream in Copperopolis.  Such a great weekend with fun people.


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