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My Family


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oregon Vacation

I am plopped on the couch feeling happy about being home but also sad that our Oregon getaway is over.  We had such a great time!  I covered 1200 miles in the car with the kids.  They did well considering.  I drove up with my Grandma which helped pass the time. 


My Grandma knew of this awesome hotel with a fantastic waterslide which is where we stayed for the night.  The kids had a ball. It was halfway to our destination.

After 600 miles of driving we made it to Rockaway Beach.  Cousins, brothers, sister-in-law, Grams, and parents all in one big house = fun.
We had amazing weather for it being the Oregon Coast.

The whole reason for the trip to Oregon was our family reunion.  My Grandmother is one of 15 kids so we have a huge family on her side.  We have a weekend of golf, crabbing, games on the beach, bonfire, and a lunch all together.

A pic of me??  Say what??

Kids learned how to play checkers.
So because our family reunion is so large everyone wears a colored shirt to show which family they belong to. We are the yellow shirt fam.

An awesome Lighthouse in Astoria where we flew wood airplanes from the top.

Chris, the kids and I drove over to Washington and had some fun. So beautiful. 

Fun in Seaside. Don't let this cute bike fool you.  It was a lot of work.

Our last day in Rockaway we took the train.  Kids loved it. We had donuts on the way back.

Headed home! The kids and I made it!  Grateful for the fun memories!


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