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My Family


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Week

Last week was fun.  We enjoyed time at my Grandma's over Labor Day. 

I have said it before but my grandmother's home has the most memories for me.  I love watching my kids swim in a pool that I swam in growing up.

Not everyone is in these pictures but you have to capture who is at least there right?

The school week flew by and brought us to Friday which led us to Napa for the weekend sans children. Dropped the kids off at my parents to hang with cousins and grandparents and we headed to The Old World Inn.

We stayed in this room last time and I was thrilled we had it again.  Cozy and elegant.

Always fun to travel with my brother and sister in law.

 Joseph Phelps. Amazing wine.

Silver Oak Winery


A trip wouldn't ever be complete without Starbucks.

Great week.


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