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Friday, January 3, 2014

American Girl Trip

Having a daughter is so special. I was able to take Makenna to the American Girl Doll Store today for our first experience.  We went with friends and had an awesome day even though I woke up 15 mins before we were being picked up.  A messy bun saved the day. 
Makenna is in such a precious innocent stage of life right now. This song gets me everytime and reminds me why days like today are so important. Making memories with my girl.
A new store opened up in Palo Alto two months ago.  A two an half hour drive to the Bay is much better than driving to the LA store.
Two of the dolls waiting in the line. Makenna's doll desperately needed her hair done.

Mamas and Dollies.

We shopped around and made hair appointments for the dolls. The girls were able to choose which hairstyle they wanted for their dolls.

We dined next door at The Melt.  Highly recommend. We would have eaten at the Bistro at the American Girl Store but it was all booked up for the day.

Little Makenna getting her hair done.

A fancy pony.

They let us take a picture inside their cafe.

Makenna and the doll of the year Isabelle.

Fun day!

Another great day in the books.


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