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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stitch Fix

I found a great little service called Stitch Fix.  Clothes and accessories delivered in the mail. Genius.  I received my fourth shipment today (you receive them monthly)and I decided to blog about it.  Here's how it works.  Go to Stitchfix and fill out your style guide and let them know as much about your style as you can.  You give them your measurements and what you like about your body.  $20 per shipment is what you pay.  Five items are shipped out for you to try on.  You decide what you would like to keep or send back. The $20 goes towards one of the items you would like to keep.  I have kept something each time.  Here is my shipment for this month.

It is so fun anticipating what is inside.

Fun little style guides come along with the clothes to give you ideas.

Love this shirt!! Great fit and the style is fun!

The shirt above and below were just Ok. I wasn't wowed by either one.

Super cute scarf but I have a lot of scarves already.

The maxi skirt above also came.  I couldn't pull it over my hips which is why there is no picture. Ha! I think it would have been cute on.

After I tried everything on I logged on to Stitchfix and let them know which items I was keeping and which I was returning.  I made sure to let them know the maxi skirt I couldn't fit over my hips. I decided to keep the black shirt which is $58.  My $20 shipment fee goes towards this item.  All items I don't want go in the prepaid postage bag they provided in the shipment.  It must get dropped off at the post office within three days.  My next shipment will come next month. 

I love StitchFix!  I have found a lot of great items over the last four months!  A red dress, my fave pair of black skinny jeans, a great shirt, and a couple of sweaters. 

I highly recommend!  Let me know if you give it a try!


michelle said...

I don't! The web designer did that for me. So sorry! I wish I was more technical!

Joyous said...

I received a similar striped shirt in my latest Stitch Fix, except the embellishment was on the shoulders. Ruined the shirt for me because it felt like I had shoulder pads. This was my second fix. I love receiving them, and can't wait to get my next. I was turned onto this site my Kristen over at Caputuring Joy with Kristen Duke

michelle said...

Oh that's a bummer! Not a fan of shoulder pads or shirts that look like they have shoulder pads!

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