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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fancy Nancy and an Army Party

This year the twins had their own parties on back to back days.  I really love planning my kids parties. Thinking about the details is so fun. Makenna chose a Fancy Nancy theme and Landon chose an Army Party.  They were both a huge success (even during a rainy weekend).

We had an accessory table. Girls were able to put on a bracelet and necklace, hair and face glitter, and a fun tattoo.

My dressed up Fancy Makenna. I bought her dress and necklace from Momiboutique. Her adorable headband from BabyBirdieBoutique.

Amazing cake and cupcakes made by my friend Shannon. My talented baker friend. Everything was delicious!

Girls arrived and started getting fancy right away.

The girls sat down by the doylie that had their name on it.  I had all the girls introduce themselves and say how they knew Makenna. It was so cute. 

After introductions we made star wands with stickers and gems. 

After starwands we started the banana on the head race.

After the banana race we did musical doylies.

Happy Birthday to Makenna!

We ended the party with gift opening. Makenna received so many fun things.

Such a fun day!

The next day was Landon's party at the park nearby.

Loved his cake and cupcakes made by Shannon.

Goodie box treats with tatoos and army men inside.

Gernades for a water balloon throw.

My cool Army dude.

When the boys arrived they were given a bandana, dog tag, and glasses. Some army paint was put on their face too.

After everyone arrived we started with some exercises.

We had an obstacle course to see who would have the fastest time. All the kids were fast!

A little bit of shooting took place. Boys love it.

After shooting the sky opened up and it started pouring.  I quickly passed out cupcakes and then we packed it up. We were soaked! I wish Landon's party would have been longer but what can you do when you have a winter baby who wants to have a party outside.

Such a fun weekend celebrating my twins! Happy Birthday L and M!


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