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My Family


Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle and am a mother and a photographer. You will see pictures of my amazing clients here, as well as my children. Grab something hot or cold to drink and take a look around!
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baby C

I had such a great time meeting this six week old cutie.  Miss Charlotte. 

Loved her room. 

Such a little doll face.

I mean how cute is she??  A sweet smile for me right at the end of the session!! 
Thank you Nicole and Mike for sharing your sweet girl with me for the afternoon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Day of Second and Kinder

Today was the first day of school.  Twins in second and Weston starting Kinder.  The summer went so fast! We crossed almost everything off of our summer bucket list.  It was a great one. 
The kids were dressed and ready to go by 6:45 am this morning in their new clothes that they were able to pick out at the store just for today.

Weston was SO excited for Kinder!  More than ready! All day yesterday he kept saying Kindergarten is tomorrow! 

He really had an extra pep in his step today on the walk to school.

The twins are in the same class.  All the kids had to wave goodbye to their parents before they went in. After school I went in to their class to see their desks and where they sit. 

He had a total ball today and is so excited to go back tomorrow!

We enjoyed dinner at Mikuni's talking about their day. 

I am excited for another great year and all the memories that will be created!

Flower Crown Shoot

I love being inspired. In my Click magazine I saw a How To Make Flower Crown tutorial. (not the same one we followed) I quickly snapped a pic of the magazine page and sent it to my friend who is always up for crafting and a photoshoot to follow. After a few text messages back and forth we had planned our craft night and photoshoot time. 
Sharelle (Sharlene + Michelle ) Designs is always ready to rock.
Sweet Lola who is always up for fun.

These two are great sports and get so excited about having a fun playdate photoshoot.

I mean Miss Lola is just the sweetest doll!!

Drenched!  Her going swimming was an accident but I am glad it happened!  Such fun! 

Such a great time!